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Type: Jellyfish

The Manawanui is one of the playable jellyfish in Seashine. It has the longest lifetime compared to all of the other jellyfish.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Manawanui has an average size body with very thin blue tentacles.

Its oval shaped hood emits a bright blue light. The semi-transparency of the hood reveals the core of the jellyfish which looks like a light bulb.

The Manawanui has very low resistance, making Smaller predators more dangerous if they strike you, and can make you instantly crippled by medium-predators. However, this jellyfish is an excellent choice for void (kore) biomes. Players struggling to maintain themselves in this biome due to the sparse edible fish can use this jellyfish to make surviving much easier, as its lifetime and longevity will allow it to survive longer than the other jellyfish, enough so that stars will replenish before they can die naturally, allowing players to survive indefinitely by simply using abilities repeatedly, a trait not shared by any other jellyfish.

Behind the Name[edit | edit source]

In the language of the Ancients, manawa means "heart" and nui means "big".

Price and availability[edit | edit source]

The Manawanui is available from the start of the game for an unlock price of 164 stars.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Size Speed Resistance Brightness Lifetime
-0.1 0 -1 -0.3 +0.85

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